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Michael Cayley, Principal, Social Capital Practice, Context Creative Inc.

When Michael started leading his first social media company through collaborations with Rogers Media, MTV (USA) and Urth.TV, “podcast” had yet to become Oxford’s word of the year. Try it on a Google search now.

Before the Web 2.0 buzz, as VP of ClickIQ.com, Michael worked with Gateway Computer, Dorel Juvenile Products, Johnson & Johnson and Energizer recognizing the significant changes clients face in adopting the web as an application platform and following through to ensure positive results.

After an engagement as CEO of a funded start up employing social network, blog, photo/video-sharing, geo-tagging and mapping media, Michael took his family to Paris where his MBA study focused on the contribution that social capital makes to corporate valuation.

The cross-disciplinary Asia Pacific Management Program, at the McRae Institute for International Management in Vancouver, British Columbia led Michael’s career to China for five years. His early fascinations with mediums and social dynamics (the preoccupations of every teenage concert promoter) first became the subject of his studies at Canada’s only degree granting undergraduate program in Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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