“Introducing Social Capital Value Add” is 8th most demanded proposal in ChangeThis history

Thank you to everyone who voted for the “Introducing Social Capital Value Add” proposal at www.changethis.com and to the conference organisers, twemes, friends and connections who tolerated many appeals over the last month.

“Introducing Social Capital Value Add” topped the list for the month with 380 votes.  That is almost 200 more than the second place idea and it is the 8th most demanded manifesto proposal in ChangeThis history.

If everything goes well, the “Introducing Social Capital Value Add” ChangeThis manifesto should be released to over 20,0000 “influencers” in September.  Sign up to the SCVA email list or grab this blog’s RSS feed to help develop SCVA thinking and get a copy of the manifesto upon release.

I had more than one person tell me that voting for the proposal felt a lot like voting in a national election, “I don’t really know what I am voting for, but I am voting because <insert name> told me to.” 

Anywhoo, I am grateful for the support.  It ain’t like winning America Idol er somethin’, eh, so I don’t want to come off as makin’ too much fuss about this, but to be honest it does mean a lot to me.  From the moment I headed off to Paris last summer I have been dedicated to taking this idea as far as I can.  Now I am working to follow this idea as far as I can.

I am developing SCVA case studies with publicly traded corporations.  If your company or client is interested in collaborating on this please get in touch.

The fact that many of the votes came through personal connections is a very pure illustration of the value of social capital. 

At the same time, getting to the right metrics to measure social media and social network valuation are very hot topics right now.  Technology’s most influential blogger, Mike Arrington, made a post over at TechCrunch a few days ago entitled, “Modelling the Real Market Value of Social Networks” and has received over 160 comments.  There are hundreds of messages flying around on these topics in the list serves and forums that I visit and at least part of the support for my proposal may evolve out of a need for corporations to get a handle on the risks to earnings associated with social media and a general desire to make the corporate form more socially motivated.

So we shall see where this all goes …

Again, I hope that I am not coming across as making too much of all of this.  If you want to do something really meaningful please hit this link and click up a few votes on the Harvard Business Review List of Breakthrough Ideas for 2008 in support of “Sick Transit Gloria”.  Mark Kuznicki, Eli Singer, and Jay Goldman have evangelized the “camp” approach to collaboration that started here in Toronto.  You can read more about that here.  It is working to improve the transit experience in Toronto and can be applied to any challenge.
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