Measuring Social Media

Joseph Thornley, who recommended that I launch this blog a few months ago, hosts Third Tuesday in Toronto.

This coming Tuesday, the group has lined up a great topic and panel to address the issue of measuring social media.

Learn more here:

Social Capital Value Add would agree with the thinking expressed in this article and podcast by INSEAD’s Herminia Ibarra (shout out to Valdis Krebs).  While in this instance, Herminia speaks about social capital in the context of career development, she says that efforts should be measured in terms of success.

One thing that investors and managers at all levels agree on is that social media exposes their corporations to new risks.  SCVA points towards the asset underlying social media and suggests that we should measure this in terms that will put social media on the priority list at the Board level.  That is, in the same terms that corporate success is measured … in terms of corporate valuation.

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